Surf Her Way Ambassador – Hannah Eisen

Published on 18/02/2022

All Photos: Tommy Williams Photography

This month we are really excited to introduce Hannah Eisen as our latest Surf Her Way Ambassador.

Hannah is the newest elected president of the Phillip Island Boardriders Club. With her 9-5 being a Senior Project Manager, Architect and Interior Designer in the construction industry.

Hannah lives on Phillip Island and is a natural waterwoman and activity goer. Aside from her passion for architecture and design, Hannah has a love for surfing, open water swimming, weight training, skiing, yoga and walking her dogs. Literally any physical activity.

You can often find this pocket rocket on a left-hand break at Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island. Surfing has been embedded in Hannah’s life since she was a kid, she joined the Phillip Island Boardriders club as a supergrom herself, where she met her best friends, and laughs when she remembers being nominated for club women of the year when she was 12, not because she was the best surfer, but because she gave it a go.

It has been a big year for the Phillip Island Boardriders Club! Coming out of restrictions, competing in the Australian Boardriders Battle, Phillip Island Pro QS, strengthening Junior and Supergrom programs, the successful Single Fin Event and Longboard Classic. While all this was being achieved, the Club realised another milestone on 8 February 2022, unanimously electing a female Club President, Hannah Eisen, who is the second female president in the Club’s 59 years.

Hello Hannah, thanks for reaching out to us, we are so excited about your appointment of President of the Phillip Island Boardriders Club. But really we want to find out more about you and your love for surfing. Can you tell us where you surf most and what you ride?  

I surf at Cape Woolamai. I just love it. It is my happy place.

I am currently loving my custom-made twin fin that Phil Grace (@yourgrace48 on Instagram) shaped for me.

It has volume and gets me waves…plus its pink so naturally I called her the pink panther!

Now it sounds like the pink panther would be a lot of fun! We know the ocean has been a part of your life forever, But what does surfing mean to you?

I think I fell in love with the ocean before learnt to walk. I experience freedom, happiness, joy and a sense of belonging when I immerse myself in the ocean. Surfing keeps my mind, body and spirit aligned. Surfing has given me courage, strength, grounding and so much more, in and out of the water. 

Sometimes I spend more time chatting on my surfboard than catching waves but that’s the thing about surfing, its social, mindful, scary, exciting… all in one…kinda like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gunna get!

Can you tell us about one of your favourite surfs or ocean moment?

Sunset summer surfs at a spot called Magic Lands is amazing. It is our very own dreamworld. I guess that why it’s called Magic Lands. It is magic. The raw coastline, crystal clear water and dreamy left handers peeling off on a hot summer night with the girls laughing, sharing waves, dropping in on the boys while encouraging one another are ocean memories that last forever.

Aghhh you’re making us all dream of our favourite place. We all have things that make us feel our best out in the water, what’s yours?

Surfing and Fitness are such integrated aspects of everything I do. They balance me in my busy career. I love discovering new ways to move and how to challenge my body, how to be stronger, fitter and more confident on land and in the ocean. Nothing compares to the courage that comes surfing. For me surfing, fitness, diet, well-being, and self-confidence are all connected, they give me inner strength and courage. My confidence comes from my family and friends who tell me not to doubt myself, they tell me I can do anything, they encourage me to take risks and help me believe in myself.

What inspires you to surf? What is something that you are striving for in your surf journey?

Being a surfer and ocean lover is the greatest feeling in the world. The ocean is my playground and is crucial to my life. I think this industry is changing to provide a lot more opportunities for women than when I was growing up. Being a part of women in sport and surfing right now is such an honour. It’s been a wild ride for women in surfing, and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for the next generation. I want to be able connect, inspire and empower women to give anything a go and not to worry about failing or boys judging!

What excites you most about elevating the representation of women and girls in and out of the water:

Women are fantastic leaders but unfortunately history shows we fail to receive half of the opportunities to our male counterparts. In my experience; both in and out of the water, through my lifestyle choices and in my architecture and construction career, women have so much self-doubt and don’t think they can achieve greatness until other women leads the way.

This is an exciting time for us. There are now so many female trailblazers who are pushing the limits and achieving greatness in and out of the water. The world needs women now more than ever. I am so grateful I can be part of Surf Her Way and President of the Phillip Island Boardriders Club. I am committed to empowering and supporting women to lean in and step up to achieve greatness. I hope these platforms will help pave the way for our future generations of female leaders and sportswomen!

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