Tight Finals Conclude Competition In The Woolworths Junior Surfing Titles Round 1 

Published on 03/03/2024

The Juniors returned for day two of the Woolworths Junior Surfing Titles, with the location being moved to the protected corner of Torquay Surf Beach. This location change provided the perfect playground for the remaining Under 16 and 14 competitors, as nicely groomed 2-3 ft walls wrapped around the point.

Across the high to mid tide, the opening rounds through to the semi-finals ran with some exceptional performances being displayed as they went into the final heats of the event.

A highlight from the earlier heats included a perfect 10-point ride from Remy Filer (Jan Juc). This perfect score came from an upside-down backhand snap into a series of strong connecting carves before hammering the end section to finish the wave. With this powerful surfing on the judges’ minds, the tone was set for all the other competitors heading into the finals.

The Under 14 Girls started off the finals with Rose Holland (Dromana) ripping the waves out the back to bank two mid-range scores. The standings didn’t change for the next 10 minutes until Anise Pruvot (Jan Juc) put herself in a position for first, linking a wave all the way to the shore to score a 4.60-point ride. Not long after, Holland smashed out a very solid re-entry out the back before finishing it off in the shore to secure a 6.17-point ride and the win.

In the Under 14 Boys final, it started off tight with all surfers scoring minor scores, giving anyone the chance to take that coveted first place. Halfway through the final, Harlem Pec (Jan Juc) broke away from the rest of his competitors, laying rail into one big section to score a 5.83-point ride and take the lead.

With a couple of minutes left on the clock, Teddy Robertson (Torquay) found a larger section to hit and put up a tail slide after a carve to score a 5.60-point ride and take the lead with one minute to go. With 10 seconds to go, Harlem tried to catch a wave to claw his way back into first; however, the wave faded out on him, leaving Robertson to take the win.

Lillian Bassed (Sandy Point) started off the Under 16 Girls Final with various carves out the back to score a 4.83 and take the early lead. Bassed continued to get busy on the inside, slightly improving her lead throughout the earlier stages of the heat.

After waiting patiently, Chloe Muscroft (Jan Juc) picked the right wave where she could smash one massive vertical forehand re-entry to score a 6.67-point ride. This put Muscroft in close contention with Bassed for first place heading into the final minutes of the final.

It seemed as if all the girls saved their best for last with Evie Lutz (Cowes) swinging midway out and flowing her way from a carve to a strong snap off the end section to obtain a 6-point ride. As the final seconds drew closer, Muscroft scrambled out the back, only looking for a 2.16 to get into first. Her opportunity to jump Bassed arose when a small bump stood up next to her, allowing Muscroft to do just enough to win the final on a 9.10 combined heat total.

“It took me a while to get a wave but once I got one, it was good,” said Muscroft. 

“Going into that final wave all I wanted to do was not stuff it up, of course!” she continued. 

“It feels good to take out the final and it’s a good help for my confidence going into the next round.” 

Lillian Bassed came in second on an 8.83 combined heat total with Evie Lutz and Savannah Bennett (Cape Woolamai) placing third and fourth.

On the other side of the competition in the Under 16 Boys final, Remy Filer started off with the same strong backhand surfing he implemented in his other heats to score a 6.17-point ride. Shortly after, Jarvis Barrow (Jan Juc) picked up a set wave and laid into a monster layback and then a range of carving snaps into a solid lip line float to finish. With such critical surfing, the judges rewarded him with an 8-point ride. Not wanting to stay too far behind his competition, Jack Lindsay (Jan Juc) went vertical on a back-hand snap out the back to get a 6.50-point ride.

Heading into the last few minutes of the final, the top three were all tightly placed as they fought for the win, with Barrow looking to have an advantage with the highest score of the final.

However, as the time ran out, Filer came out on top with his backup wave giving him the leg up on his competitors. He claimed the win on an 11.54 combined heat total, with Jack Lindsay placing in second position on a 9.50 heat total.

“It was hard conditions but there were definitely some good ones out the back on the sets that were coming through,” stated Filer.

 “It was all fun competing with my mates out there,” he added.

“It feels great to take out the event; I’m really happy with the result.”
Jarvis Barrow and Dom Kellett placed third and fourth respectively.

Finals Results:

U18 Girls
1st –  Sarah Hickson (Rye), 10.83
2nd – Ava Holland (Dromana), 8.17
3rd – Mia Holland (Dromana), 4,84
4th – Dahlia Feldman (Wallington, 4.16

U18 Boys
1st – Max Bassett (Barwon Heads), 11.20
2nd – Rye Cicero (Sandy Point), 10.74
3rd – Sam Paterson (Inverloch), 8.23
4th – Jarrah Cicero (Jarrah Cicero), 7.00

U16 Girls
1st – Chloe Muscroft (Jan Juc), 9.10
2nd – Lillian Bassed (Sandy Point), 8.83
3rd – Evie Lutz (Cowes), 8.53
4th – Savannah Bennett (Cape Woolamai), 3.20

U16 Boys
1st – Remy Filer (Jan Juc), 11.54
2nd – Jack Lindsay (Jan Juc), 9.50
3rd – Jarvis Barrow (Jan Juc), 8.83
4th – Dom Kellett (Jan Juc), 6.56

U14 Girls 
1st – Rose Holland (Dromana), 11.00
2nd – Anise Pruvot (Jan Juc), 7.77
3rd – Sophie Day (Rye), 5.10
4th – Lily White (Blairgowrie), 4.04

U14 Boys
1st – Teddy Robertson (Torquay), 10.27
2nd – Harlem Pec (Jan Juc), 9.16
3rd – Dusty Rayner (Inverloch), 9.13
4th – Samuel Abetz (Jan Juc), 3.20

Final results and scores from the event can be accessed via www.surfingvic.com/live

The Woolworths Victorian Junior Titles is supported by No TXT No Wrecks, VicRoads Community Safety Grants, Cancer Council Sunscreen and Surfing Victoria.

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