Surfing Victoria and Strong Brother Strong Sister sign strategic partnership

Published on 10/11/2020

Surfing Victoria and the Victorian Indigenous Surfing Program are proud to announce the signing of a strategic partnership with Victorian based Indigenous Youth Organisation, Strong Brother Strong Sister.

The organisations have been working closely together since Strong Brother, Strong Sister was founded in 2017 by Cormach Evans, however have now formalized the partnership to continue surfing as a key part of their program.

Strong Brother Strong Sister is proud to be 100% Aboriginal Owned and Operated, founder and managing director Cormach Evans founded Strong Brother Strong Sister in 2017 when he was 27 years old. Today Cormach and Strong Brother Strong Sister is led by an Incredible Team of Aboriginal Young People that design, advocate and inform of any programs, services and much more to ensure that the Company is Genuinely Aboriginal Youth Lead and designed.

Strong Brother, Strong Sister is a culturally appropriate safe place for Aboriginal young people to access and thrive. The structure and programs within the space guide, mentor and empower Aboriginal young people to achieve excellence. The outcomes from these programs not only guide, mentor and empower Aboriginal young people, they also improve Aboriginal young people’s health and wellbeing.

“This partnership has realistically been operating since I was a kid, through the programs that Surfing Victoria have run for the community have created incredible, sustainable long term opportunities and outcomes for children, young people and their families through the love of country, ocean and culture” said Strong Brother Strong Sister CEO Cormach Evans.

“Strong Brother Strong Sister and Surfing Victoria’s partnership will allow the two organisations excellence to grow further and thrive, ensuring First Nations children, youth and their families have the opportunities to connect with community, culture and positive health and wellbeing and a love for the ocean through surfing.”

The Victorian Indigenous Surfing Program is the key initiative of Surfing Victoria’s Indigenous Strategic Pillar and is one of the longest running Indigenous engagement programs in the country. Now in its 23rd year, the program uses Surfing as a way to connect Indigenous Victorians with the ocean whilst learning new skills, water safety knowledge and healthy habits.

“We are stoked to formalize the partnership between the Victorian Indigenous Surfing program and Strong Brother Strong Sister” said Surfing Victoria Indigenous Aquatics Manager Jordie Campbell.

“Cormach and the Strong Brother Strong Sister team have been an amazing supporters of the Indigenous Program over the years and we are looking forward to building on the outcomes we have already achieved.”

The partnership is based around surf programs for Indigenous Youth utlising both organisations expertise in Indigenous engagement, water safety, health promotion and cultural awareness.

The Victorian Indigenous Surfing Program is supported by VicHealth, Play it Safe by the Water, Sport and Recreation Victoria, Vitality Brands, Kieser Australia and Strong Brother Strong Sister.

More information around the Victorian Indigenous Surfing Program program can be found at

More information on Strong Brother Strong Sister can be found at

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