Surf Her Way Ambassador – Sophie Fletcher

Published on 16/06/2022

Welcome to our Surf Her Way ambassador for June – Sophie Fletcher. This month we are really excited to introduce Soph as part of our Surf Her Way Family. Soph has packed a lot into her 22 years of life. From representing Victoria in a number of Junior Aussie titles to being a WSL QS surfer since 2017. Soph has more to her than just surfing with her generous smile and kind approach. Soph is an ambassador for Lifeline as well as an owner for a thriving small business. We are excited to delve in and learn more about Soph, so come along for the ride.

Photo: Tommy Williams

Hey Soph can you give us a little description of yourself and how surfing is a part of your life?

Growing up on an island, surrounded by the ocean, I fell in love with surfing at a young age.

I am a surfer from Phillip Island, Australia, currently living in Northern NSW. I learnt to surf when I was 4 and began competing when I was 8. I have gone from a grass root level competitions at local board riders, to state titles, to national events, all the way to competing at an international level, competing on the QS series. I also work as a qualified Level 2 surf coach.

Surfing will always be a big part of my life, I feel so lucky and grateful to be able to call it a job, passion, hobby and lifestyle of mine.

Where do you surf most?

When I am home, I surf mostly Cape Woolamai on Phillip Island, and up here in Northern NSW I mainly surf Cabarita or Pottsville.

What does surfing mean to you?

everything! I love all sports, but something is different about surfing. You’re in mother nature, it’s out of your control. You are super present while surfing, which I think is really unique and special.

Can you tell us about one of your favourite surfs?

I was about 13 in Indonesia and I caught one of the biggest waves to that day, and when I flicked off the back of the wave at the end of the ride, I couldn’t breathe. I was so excited, I was laughing and smiling so hard! It was the most crazy adrenaline rush! The whole lineup was cheering!

What makes you feel most confident/comfortable when out surfing?

When I get into a good rhythm with the ocean, I feel unstoppable! It is the best I surf and the most confident I feel.
However I do accept sometimes it’s hard to always be in sync with the ocean!

What inspires you to surf? What is something that you are striving for in your surf journey?

The love of it! I honestly get so excited even if it is onshore and “bad”. Going for a surf is my release. If it’s been a rough day, I come out from the surf just buzzing. There’s something about it, the energy of the ocean, I just connect with it.

I strive to inspire others to find the love for it also, through my surfing and coaching (any level). I want to inspire women to go for it and enjoy it at the same time!

What excites you most about elevating the representation of women and girls in and out of the water?

We bring a great vibe in and out of the water. Having more women in the industry means inspiring more to join! We can create such an amazing community no matter our backgrounds! What a great time to meet more amazing girls and have fun at the same time.

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