Surf Her Way Ambassador – Shasta O’Loughlin

Published on 16/03/2022

This month we are really excited to introduce Shasta O’Loughlin.

Shasta, like many of us has many roles with Mum, community club leader and , ESG Manager – Environmental, Social, Governance at Rip Curl being all roles she shimmies between in a day.

Shasta was born in the hills but found her way to the ocean as a young adult. Below is a little more insight into the love and respect Shasta has for the ocean and how it has shaped her life.

Hey Shasta thanks for taking the time to chat with us. We would love to kick off with hearing a little about where you surf and what you ride.

Hey there, I mostly surf anywhere in between Ocean Grove and 13TH Beach. I currently have 3 boards in rotation at the moment. This includes a DHD 3DX, 4D Thruster and my Greg Brown 8ft mid length.

Sounds like you have all the bases covered there! From meeting you I know that your life very much revolves around the ocean and surfing, but would you like to give us an idea on what surfing means to you?

It gives me a sense of freedom, independence and adrenaline when riding a wave. 

Can you tell us about one of your favourite surfs or ocean moment?

Surfing the point at Dikwella, Sri Lanka with six girlfriends when a white tipped reef shark swam by us. Felt danger, excitement and butterflies all in one!

Oh how we love Sri Lanka! What a magical little spot. What makes you feel most confident/comfortable when out surfing? 

Confidence in my fitness level and surfing with other encouraging people – love a yeeeewww when in the water!

What inspires you to surf? What is something that you are striving for in your surf journey?

I’m constantly searching for that next ride and the feeling it brings, as you glide along a wave.  

What excites you most about elevating the representation of women and girls in and out of the water:

Leading the Chix Surf 13th relaunch and seeing the energy the group brings to one another. Surfing  builds confidences in and out of the water.  

Learn more about Shasta’s journey when she sat down with the Surf Connections Podcast in 2021! 

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