Surf Her Way Ambassador – Cassandra McNamara

Published on 27/01/2022

This month we are really excited to introduce Cassandra McNamara.

Cass wears many hats in her community of Mallacoota. But her 9-5 is Senior Sports Coordinator for Reclink East Gippsland. Here’s a little interview we had with her…

Hey Cass can you give us a little description of yourself and how you got into surfing and how it is a part of your life?

Hey there, I first started surfing around 14 years of age, mates would tap on my window at dawn, we’d head to the beach and watch the sun rise from out in the ocean. This started my love affair with the sea. Immersion in the ocean, regardless of the conditions, has always provided re-grounding, restoration and a sense of calm throughout my life. 

Sounds like the Ocean means a lot to you, What does surfing give you?

It gives me A time and space to simply ‘be’ – to feel freedom, cleanse and recharge.

Can you tell us about one of your favourite surfs or ocean moment?

Ocean moment: swimming on a moonless night amongst bioluminescence. It was magical and surreal.

That sounds like a scene out of a magical movie!! What makes you feel most confident/comfortable when out surfing? 

Feeling fit and strong – increasing my knowledge about the ocean, the everchanging rhythms and intricacies of the sea.

What inspires you to surf? What is something that you are striving for in your surf journey?

The feeling after being in the ocean – energised, calm, motivated, inspired.

To improve my technique, hold my breath longer, continue to feel capable.

What excites you most about elevating the representation of women and girls in and out of the water:

The knowledge that the ocean is the best medicine – a place to recharge, gain strength, get perspective and feel the best version of yourself.

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