Champions Rise At Torquay Point On Finals Day Of The 2023 Woolworths Surfer Groms Comp

Published on 15/10/2023

Torquay, Victoria (Saturday 14th October, 2023): In an exciting day of competition champions rose at Torquay Point throughout the finals of the Woolworths Surfer Groms Comp. The groms returned with all divisions lighting up Torquay Point with their enthusiasm and epic performances. Overnight the swell filled in and greeted the competitors with 3 – 4 ft bombing waves. The groms took on the challenge with great courage, putting on a show for the crowd. 

The Woolworths Surfer Groms Comp includes a broad range of divisions, catering to boys and girls Under 8s, Under 10s, Under 12s and Under 14s. This in turn sets up groms from across Victoria to get involved in competition within the nationwide series which visits all surfing states in Australia. 

In a thrilling conclusion to the leaderboard format of the Under 10 Girls, Cobie O’Day (Torquay, VIC) emerged as the ultimate victor in a display of remarkable talent and determination. With her unwavering commitment to the set waves and exceptional skills, she outshone the competition.

In the first Under 10 Girls final O’Day stayed busy catching multiple waves on her way to finding the right one. The wave she was looking for came halfway through the final as she took off and put together a range of fast carving manoeuvers. This gave her an 8.43 (out of a possible 10 points) point ride and first place on the leaderboard. 

In the second final O’Day started way out the back of the lineup positioning herself for the best wave that came through. On her first ride, she lined up another series of carving manoeuvers all the way to the shore. This secured her the win with a 9.50 point ride. In second place was Edie Wouters (Rye, VIC), with Olive Robertson (Jan Juc, VIC) and Rem Jennings (Rye, VIC) coming in third and fourth.

“It feels good to win and everyone did well as it was really hard out there,” O’Day said.

“It was heaps of fun surfing with all the girls and they did so well,” she continued.

In the Under 12 Girls Final things were looking even with all competitors scoring a mid-range ride early. Then Scarlett Rennie (Cape Woolamai, VIC) catapulted her way in front by blitzing a right hand runner all the way through to score a 9.33 point ride. This incredible ride put her ahead of her competitors and gave her the win. 

Placing second was Estella Carbonelli (Jan Juc, VIC), with Stevie O’Day (Torquay, VIC) and Harper Browne (Mornington Peninsula, VIC) placing third and fourth respectively. 

“I had a talk to my dad and he said to go for the big sets as big waves equal big scores and yeah it worked out pretty well,” Rennie Said.

After taking out the Under 12 Girls final Rennie went into the Under 14 Girls Final with a lot of momentum. Getting an early start she continued to go big, taking off and laying into three quality turns. This earned her a 6.67 point ride and the early lead in her second final. Now looking to back up her previous ride Rennie knew exactly what wave to catch and didn’t go for anything unless it had the right scoring potential. 

Towards the back half of the heat she was up again and going straight back into a range of smooth carves to receive a 6.17 point ride. This gave her a combined total of 12.84 (out of a possible 20 points) points and her second final win of the day.

“I’ve been working hard for the last couple of weeks so I’m very stoked to get both wins,” Rennie exclaimed.

“It was so good surfing with all the girls and it was really fun,” she added.

As the winner of the Under 14 Girls, Rennie was awarded the invite to the Woolworths Surfer Grom Comps National Final Surf Camp at the Surfing Australia High-Performance Centre (HPC). Also receiving an invite to the camp was Arch Rayner (Inverloch, VIC) as the highest ranked Under 14 Boys Victorian surfer of the event.

In the Under 12 Boys Harlem Pec put on an excellent display of surfing, finding his way onto the best waves of the final. He snagged a bomb on his first ride and put together a variety of carves all the way to the inside where he blitzed the end section. 

Feeling good about the wave, Pec pumped his fist into the air claiming the great wave that earned him an 8.17 point ride. None of the other competitors could quite get into the rhythm Pec had, and then to top it off he continued in his attack by hitting multiple sections on a bigger wave to score an 8.67 point ride. This secured his final win with a 16.84 combined heat total. Placing second was Dusty Rayner (Inverloch, VIC), with Teddy Robertson (Torquay) and Frederick Merrison (Shoreham, VIC) coming in third and fourth. 

“It feels so good to take it out ‘cause I’ve never won a Woolies comp, I’m just so psyched,” said Pec.

“I was super nervous going into it but it was so sick in the end!” 

Throughout the event, the judges were on the lookout for the Woolworths ‘Fresh Move’ award which would be awarded to the the best and fairest male and female surfers from each event that displayed a high degree of sportsmanship and exhibited future surfing potential. At the end of the event, Teddy Robertson (Torquay, VIC) and Rose Holland (Dromana, VIC) were awarded the honour which came with a $50 Woolworths E-gift Card. 

Also standing out to the judges was Kato Mogi (Belmont, VIC) who was able to ride out of multiple big manoeuvers, earning him the Le Tan Le Breakthrough award. 

Other division winners included Jet Bradley (Ulladulla, NSW, Under 14 Boys), Max Murray (Jan Juc, VIC, Under 10 Boys) and Bowie Wouters (Rye, VIC, Under 8 Mixed).

The results and scores from the event can be accessed via

Finals Results:

U14 Girls
1st –  Scarlett Rennie (Cape Woolamai, VIC), 12.84
2nd – Stevie O’Day (Torquay, VIC), 4.80
3rd – Chloe Muscroft (Jan Juc, VIC), 4.43
4th – Rose Holland (Dromana), 2.57

U14 Boys
1st – Jet Bradley (Ulladulla, NSW), 12.50
2nd – Jack Carrigan (Mosman, NSW), 7.40
3rd – Arch Rayner (Inverloch, VIC), 6.67
4th – Teddy Robertson (Torquay, VIC), 3.67

U12 Girls
1st – Scarlett Rennie (Cape Woolamai, VIC), 15.00
2nd – Estella Carbonelli (Jan Juc, VIC), 8.17
3rd – Stevie O’Day (Torquay, VIC), 6.03
4th – Harper Browne (Mornington Peninsula, VIC), 3.67

U12 Boys
1st – Harlem Pec (Jan Juc, VIC), 16.84
2nd – Dusty Rayner (Inverloch, VIC), 9.90
3rd – Teddy Robertson (Torquay, VIC), 5.34
4th –  Frederick Merrison (Shoreham, VIC), 4.50

U10 Girls 
1st –  Cobie O’Day (Torquay, VIC), 9.50
2nd – Edie Wouters (Rye, VIC), 8.00
3rd – Olive Robertson (Jan Juc, VIC), 7.57
4th – Rem Jennings (Rye, VIC), 5.67

U10 Boys
1st – Max Murray (Jan Juc, VIC), 15.33
2nd – Fraser Gleeson (Port Fairy, VIC), 12.10
3rd – Alby O’Day (Torquay, VIC), 10.50
4th – Rafferty Morris (Sorrento, VIC), 8.17

U8 mixed
1st – Bowie Wouters (Rye, VIC), 8.67
2nd – Sonny Van deuren (Barwon heads, VIC), 8.00
3rd – Kai Lucas (Blairgowrie, VIC), 4.83

The live Scores and Schedule from the day can be accessed via

Woolworths Surfer Groms Comps 2023 Schedule:

EVENT 1 – Kiama, NSW – Sept 2 – 3, 2023
EVENT 2 – Coffs Harbour, NSW – Sept 9 – 10, 2023 
EVENT 3 – Fleurieu Peninsula, SA – Sept 30, 2023
EVENT 4 – Gold Coast, QLD – Oct 7 – 8, 2023
EVENT 5 – Torquay, VIC – Oct 14 – 15, 2023
EVENT 6 – Clifton Beach, TAS – Oct 28, 2023
EVENT 7 – Northern Beaches, NSW – Nov 4 – 5, 2023
EVENT 8 – Trigg, WA – Nov 18 – 19, 2023
EVENT 9 – Cronulla, NSW – Dec 2 – 3, 2023 
EVENT 10 – Sunshine Coast, QLD – Dec 9 – 10, 2023
National Final – Surfing Australia HPC, Casuarina, NSW – Dec 16 – 18, 2023

The Woolworths Surfer Groms Comps Series is proudly supported by Le Tan, Ruffie Rustic Foods, Wax Fresh and Surfing Australia. 

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