Bea Conroy and Tas Dunton claim opening round of Victorian Longboard Titles at Phillip Island

Published on 28/02/2022

Former Victorian Champions Bea Conroy (Pt Lonsdale) and Tas Dunton (Mornington Peninsula) have taken out the opening round of the Victorian Longboard Titles presented by Surfers Rescue 24/7 in great waves Phillip Island over the weekend.

Conroy, who is the reigning Victorian Open Womens Longboard and Logger Champion, looked unstoppable throughout the event in the shifting 3ft waves at Cape Woolamai taking out both the Longboard and Logger divisions.

Locking in an 8.00 and 7.00 in her Open Logger final, Conroy placed the rest of the heat into a combination situation (requiring two new scoring rides to overtake the leader).

Finishing in second was Jaz Felsinger (Safety Beach) on a 8.04 heat total. Jacquie Chambers (7.50 points, Phillip Island) finished in third and Anna Thompson (2.56, Jan Juc) finished in fourth.

In the Open Womens Longboard Final, Conroy finished with a heat total of 13.33 to best Eglantine Balland (Carrum) who finished on 7.93 points.

Niamh Moore (Phillip Island) finished in third on 6.40 points, with Jaz Felsinger in fourth on 6.23 points.

On the Mens side of the draw, it was former Junior Longboard Champion Tas Dunton who looked at home on the open beaches of Cape Woolamai.

Dunton locked in an excellent 9.00 point ride to finish with a heat total of 15.90 to claim the title over Ben Considine (Barwon Heads). Considine finished on a 14.17 heat total.

Will Cousins (Torquay) finished in third on 13.33 points with Sam Dunton in fourth on 11.27 points.

In the Open Men Logger division, it was former Australian Champion Ben Considine who was unstoppable, locking in a 17.74 heat total in the final. Will Cousins finished in second on 12.43 points.

Bailey German (Mornington Peninsula) finished in third on 9.77 points. Nelson Felsinger finished in fourth on 9.73 points.

Other event champions over the weekend include Tate Russell (Phillip Island – Junior Logger and Longboard),Natalie van der Heyden (Phillip Island – Over 40 Women), Greg Brown (Jan Juc – Over 40 Men, Over 50 Men), Carolyn Lalor (Apollo Bay – Over 50 Women), John Lane (Torquay – Over 60 Men), Wayne Yates (Armadale – Over 70 Men), Niamh Moore (Phillip Island – Under 18 Girls), Liam McCafferty (McCrea – Over 40 Men Logger), Jacquie Chambers (Phillip Island – Over 40 Women Logger).

Full results are available at

Entries for the final round at Point Impossible are now open via

Open Women Longboard
1st Bea Conroy – 13.33
2nd Eglantine Balland – 7.93
3rd Niamh Moore – 6.40
4th Jaz Felsinger – 6.23

Open Men Longboard
1st Tasman Dunton – 15.90
2nd Ben Considine – 14.17
3rd Will Cousins – 13.33
4th Samuel Dunton – 11.27

Open Women Logger
1st Bea Conroy – 15.50
2nd Jaz Felsinger – 8.04
3rd Jacquie Chambers – 7.50
4th Anna Thompson – 2.56

Open Men Logger
1st Ben Considine – 17.74
2nd Will Cousins – 12.43
3rd Bailey German – 9.77
4th Nelson Felsinger – 9.73

Over 40 Women Longboard
1st Natalie Van Der Heyden – 9.33
2nd Jacquie Chambers – 6.00
4th Penelope Andrews – 2.73

Over 40 Men Longboard
1st Greg Brown – 15.46
2nd Michael Pinney – 13.44
3rd Tom Bellisai – 7.10
4th Mark Miccoli – 6.44

Over 50 Women Longboard
1st Carolyn Lalor – 3.83

Over 50 Men Longboard
1st Greg Brown – 16.00
2nd Brett Lalor – 11.66
3rd Liam Mccafferty – 9.43
4th Brian Kuit – 7.83

Over 60 Men Longboard
1st John Lane – 15.23
2nd Andrew Lidsey – 12.24
3rd Brian Thompson – 11.70
4th Clint Wall – 9.30
5th Brian Kuit – 8.57

Over 70 Men Longboard
1st Wayne Yates – 10.83
2nd Jack Triep – 5.50
3rd Bob Smith – 0.87

Under 18 Girls Longboard
1st Niamh Moore – 9.70
2nd Cookie Robinson – 9.34
3rd Charlotte Kerrison – 8.20

Under 18 Boys Longboard
1st Tate Russell – 12.33
2nd Ted Conroy – 6.33

Over 40 Men Logger
1st Liam Mccafferty – 13.84
2nd Tim Edwards – 9.50
3rd Tom Bellisai – 7.44

Over 40 Women Logger
1st Jacquie Chambers – 6.83
2nd Penelope Andrews – 2.50

Junior Logger Mixed
1st Tate Russell – 10.83
2nd Ted Conroy – 9.83
3rd Cookie Robinson – 4.56

The Victorian Longboard Titles is presented by Surfers Rescue 24/7 and supported by Cancer Council Sunscreen and the Victorian Government.

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