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Surfing Victoria is recognised by the State Government of Victoria and the Victorian surf industry as the governing and organising body for surfing in Victoria. Surfing Victoria conducts a range of age and discipline events, as well as educational programs to coaches, instructors, recreational surfers and competitors. Our services are delivered by a key network of regional coaches, affiliated clubs and surf schools. Benefits and Insurances are provided to our members, affiliated clubs and surf schools.


Victorian communities are enriched through surfing.


To be at the forefront of surfing innovation by building innovative programs to produce the best and happiest surfers at all levels, and to use surfing as a tool for positive community and environmental impact.



  • To build an innovative and inclusive event portfolio
  • To develop and promote surfing pathways at all levels
  • To be a leader in Indigenous sport and participation of Victorian communities
  • To transform surfing to be accessible and inclusive of women and girls
  • To be a proactive organisation of leadership and excellence


  • We build and value positive and respectful relationships
  • We stay focused on core programs – do less amazingly well!
  • We are proactive and strive to be at the forefront of surfing innovation
  • We connect through storytelling using digital media
  • We design for inclusivity and positive community and environmental impact
  • We have fun


  • To foster a passion for surfing
  • To inspire and encourage women and girls to become active and empowered through surfing
  • To use surfing to support indigenous communities and keep indigenous culture alive
  • To use surfing to promote care for Victoria’s coastline
  • To use surfing as a tool to build positive community outcomes


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