2024 Victorian SUP Titles Determine State Team In Epic Conditions At Point Impossible 

Published on 18/05/2024

The 2024 Victorian SUP Titles was all action from start to finish as every division went straight into finals. Point Impossible served as the perfect stage for the event that decided the state team heading to the Australian SUP titles in Phillip Island later this year.

In the 10ft Open Women’s SUP it was Emma Web (Jan Juc) who put on a thrilling display and emerged victorious. Web got the best out of the first set, as she carved a big wrapping turn into the pocket and rode all the way to the shore for a 7.00 point score. Her dominance continued as she executed a series of versatile maneuvers on another wave, including an extended nose ride and subsequent turns, earning her an additional 6.17 points and solidifying her lead. 

Lucy Bell (Sandringham), another top contender, found herself on one of the biggest waves of the day, flying down the line with remarkable speed. However, she couldn’t fit in a turn, resulting in a minor score. Xanthe Rivett (Rosebud) also made a notable impact, swiveling her way down the line, briefly pushing her into second place but not scoring enough to challenge Web’s commanding lead. As the final hooter blew, Web had firmly established herself at the top, leaving the rest of the field in a combination situation. 

Placing in second was Lucy Bell with Xanthe Rivett coming in third. 

“It’s good seeing all the girls, we only get to see each other when we get together for competitions so it’s really fun surfing with them,” said Web.

“It feels great to take out the final, I love surfing any sort of board so I think it’s just good to get out there in the waves and get people involved in the ocean,” she continued.

“I like to mix it up so I was just trying to get a nose ride off the take off and then put in some big turns as well.”

The 2024 Victorian SUP Titles concluded with a spectacular display in the Open Men’s division, where the final heat of the day delivered huge excitement and high drama. The competitors hit the water with increasing anticipation, and as they paddled out, a rogue bomb set came marching through the lineup, further amping up the energy and excitement.

All surfers quickly seized the early waves to get their heat underway. Rick Pettifer (Jan Juc) capitalized on a set wave out the back, skillfully belting multiple sections to secure an impressive 8.00 point ride and establish an early lead. Not to be outdone, Koyu Matsunaga (Ventnor) showcased his smooth style with a ride that earned him a solid 6.00 points. Matsunaga maintained his momentum, swiftly catching another quality wave and scoring a 6.37, propelling him into the lead.

As the heat progressed, the competition intensified. Matt Takle, searching for a standout wave, found a bomb and unleashed a powerful backhand attack. His performance on this wave was nothing short of spectacular, hitting every critical section to achieve the highest score of the event, a remarkable 9.17 points. Following this stellar ride, Takle still needed a 3.20 to overtake Matsunaga due to his opponent’s consistent scores.

The final five minutes were a whirlwind of action, with all surfers needing mid-range scores or below to make a significant impact. The pressure could be seen on the surfers faces as they vied for top spot. Troy Ashton (Mount Duneed) made a valiant late run, finding a left-hand bank off to the side and scoring in the 6s, putting him in contention. However, with only 30 seconds remaining, Takle seized the moment once more. He took off on another set wave, executing a series of precise backhand snaps that earned him an 8.33, securing his victory in the final moments.

Matt Takle’s exceptional performance in the closing seconds crowned him the champion of the 2024 Victorian SUP Titles Open Men’s division. 

“I saw a set coming but I didn’t know if I was going to get there in time so I just waited and had a go, luckily for me it came in time,” said Takle.

“It feels amazing to take it out and I’m super stoked. I haven’t been surfing that much lately so it’s nice to get the double win in the 10ft as well,” he added.

“The competition has improved so much this year which made it a hard fought final.”

With the recent announcement of the Australian SUP titles being run at Phillip Island later this year both Takle and Web will be amongst the favourites representing Victoria as they challenge the best in the country. 

Finals Results:

10ft SUP Open Women 

1st – Emma Webb (Jan Juc), 13.17
2nd – Lucy Bell (Sandringham), 5.37
3rd – Xanthe Rivett (Rosebud), 5.00

10ft SUP Open Men

1st – Matt Takle (Torquay), 13.77
2nd – Sam Hodder (Dromana), 9.94
3rd – Troy Ashton (Mount Duneed), 9.33
4th – Steve Toy (Kingsville), 6.90

10ft Over 50 Men

1st – Sam Hodder (Dromana), 14.50
2nd – Damien Quinlan (Highett), 10.14
3rd –  Peter Jackson (Rosebud), 6.06
4th – Allan McKellar (Camberwell), 4.77

10ft SUP Over 60 Men

1st – Damien Quinlan (Highett), 10.70
2nd – Warwick Lee (Cheltenham), 8.76
3rd – Michael Jenkins (Black Rock), 7.17
4th – Steve Dwyer (Birregurra), 6.30
5th – Brian Thompson (Safety Beach), 5.73

Mixed Women SUP

1st – Jann Dunton (Safety Beach, Over 60 Women), 13.50
2nd – Lucy Bell (Sandringham, Over 40 Women), 9.26
3rd – Xanthe Rivett (Rosebud, Over 40 Women), 6.10

Open Men

1st – Matt Takle (Torquay), 17.50
2nd – Troy Ashton (Mount Duneed), 12.67
3rd –  Koyu Matsunaga (Ventnor), 12.37
4th –  Rick Pettifer (Jan Juc), 12.00
5th – Steve Toy (Kingsville), 10.70

Over 40 Men

1st – Rick Pettifer (Jan Juc), 13.16
 2nd – Steve Toy (Kingsville), 11.43
3rd – Troy Ashton (Mount Duneed), 9.67
4th – Sam Hodder (Dromana), 9.10

Over 50 Men

1st – Brendan Ryan (Port Campbell), 15.50
2nd – Sam Hodder (Dromana), 11.60
3rd – Michael Jenkins (Black Rock), 9.73
4th – John Takle (Torquay), 5.50

Over 60 Men

1st – Michael Jenkins (Black Rock), 11.66
2nd – John Takle (Torquay), 11.33
3rd – Damien Quinlan (Highett), 9.43
4th – Warwick Lee (Cheltenham), 6.94

Live scores and schedules for the weekend can be found at www.surfingvic.com/live

The Victorian Longboard Titles is supported by Park Lane Holiday Parks, Danny Green’s Coward Punch Campaign, VicRoads Community Safety Grants, Cancer Council Sunscreen, earLAB and Surfing Victoria.

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