17 Longboard State Titles awarded in perfect conditions at Point Impossible

Published on 23/05/2021

2021 Victorian State Longboard Titles have been awarded today in perfect clean surf at Point Impossible with some incredible displays of surfing across the weekend from the States best longboarders.

Standout of the weekend was Point Lonsdale surfer Bea Conroy who posted a perfect 10 point ride in the Final of the Open Women Logger division and backed it up with a 9.73 to give her the highest heat total of the weekend (19.73 out of a possible 20).

Conroy also claimed the Open Women Longboard division at Point Impossible and was awarded State Champion in both Longboard and Logger divisions.

“Im really shocked! I never thought I would win an Open State Title” said Conroy. “Its so good to be around some incredible female surfers and progress my surfing to the next level.

“Having some of the amazing female longboarders in this state has really pushed my surfing to an area it wouldn’t have got to if it wasn’t for them.”

“The waves were really good all weekend, I’m just happy to win along with my brother Ted!”

On the Men’s side of the draw, Will Cousins (Torquay) was unstoppable in the Open Men’s Logger final, locking in two excellent scoring rides to claim victory and the State Title.

He was also in fine form in the Open Mens Longboard Final and took victory at Point Impossible, however fell just short to reigning State Champion Andrew Burgan (Phillip Island) who took the State Title with a win in Round 1 and a second place today in Round 2.

“Im stoked, it was awesome weekend. The waves were perfect both days and it was nice to find a few and get to the nose!”

“The longboard titles is great. You make relationships with everyone over the years and its always good to see them all. It’s generally a nice vibe in the water and its just great to surf in pumping waves with them.”

Other divisional state champions include Ted Conroy (U18 Boys Logger), Anna Thompson (U18 Girls Logger), Tim Edwards (O40 Men Logger), Niamh Moore (U18 Girls), Carolyn Lalor (O50 Women), Penny Andrews (O50 Womens Logger), Heather Peck (O60 Women), John Lane (Over 60 Men), Natalie Van Der Heyden (O40 Women) and Greg Brown (O40 & O50 Men).

Final Results for the event can be found on www.surfingvic.com/live

The Victorian Longboard Titles is presented by Surfers Rescue 24/7 and supported by Rocktape, City to Surf Mobile Cafe and Surfing Victoria.

Full Results
Under 18 Boys

Round 2
1st Ted Conroy, 17.07
2nd Bailey German, 16.47
3rd David Rau, 13.57
4th Tate Russell, 12.77

State Championship: Ted Conroy
Runner Up: Bailey German

Under 18 Girls
Round 2
1st Cookie Robinson, 11.50
2nd Niamh Moore, 9.46
3rd Charlotte Kerrison, 8.54
4th Anna Thompson, 4.73

State Championship: Niamh Moore
Runnner up: Anna Thompson

Open Men
Round 2
1st Will Cousins, 18.60
2nd Andrew Burgan, 15.96
3rd Arturo Tallarida, 10.83
4th Ethan Harbison, 9.34

State Championship: Andrew Burgan
Runner up: Will Cousins

Open Women
Round 2
1st Bea Conroy, 17.87
2nd Eglantine Balland, 14.20
3rd Natalie van der Heyeden, 12.17

State Championship: Bea Conroy
Runner up: Eglantine Balland

Over 40 Men
Round 2
1st Greg Brown, 13.35
2nd Tomaso Bellisai, 13.30
3rd Chris McSween 13.20
4th Yestin Griffiths, 11.44

State Championship: Greg Brown
Runner up: Tomaso Bellisai

Over 40 Women
Round 2
1st Natalie van der Heyden, 15.83
2nd Jacquie Chambers, 13.43
3rd Penelope Andrews, 12.77
4th Carolyn Lalor, 7.04

State Championship: Natalie Van Der Heyden
Runner up: Jacquie Chambers

Over 50 Men
Round 2
1st Greg Brown, 18.03
2nd Brian Kuit, 13.24
3rd Yestin Griffiths, 13.04
4th Andrew Lidsey, 11.24

State Championship: Greg Brown
Runner up: Brian Kuit

Over 50 Women
Round 2
1st Carolyn Lalor, 11.54

State Championship: Carolyn Lalor

Over 60 Men
Round 2
1st John Lane, 14.00
2nd Brain Thompson, 13.47
3rd John Ayton, 13.34
4th Brian Kuit, 12.24

State Championship: John Lane
Runner Up: Brian Thompson

Over 60 Women
Round 2
1st Heather Peck, 18.77
2nd Gayle Renzenbrink, 16.46
3rd Jenene Nelson, 10.80

State Championship: Heather Peck
Runner up: Gayle Renzenbrink

Over 70 Men
Round 2
1st Bob Smith, 18.87
2nd Wayne Yates, 13.43
3rd Jack Triep, 11.93
4th Colin McGowan, 9.87

State Championship: Bob Smith
Runner up: Wayne Yates

U18 Boys Logger
Round 2
1st Ted Conroy, 17.74
2nd Bail German, 17.36
3rd Tate Russell, 12.66
4th David Rau, 11.33
5th Finn Stratford, 4.83

State Championship: Ted Conroy
Runner up: Bailey German

Under 18 Girls Logger
Round 2
1st Anna Thompson, 11.17

State Championship: Anna Thompson

Over 40 Men Logger
Round 2
1st Tim Edwards, 18.40
2nd Liam McCafferty, 13.67
3rd Tomaso Bellasai, 12.73
4th Matthew Solly, 8.03

State Championship: Tim Edwards
Runner up: Tomaso Bellisai

Over 40 Women Logger
Round 2
1st Penny Andrews, 15.40

State Championship: Penelope Andrews

Open Men Logger
Round 2
1st Will Cousins, 18.53
2nd Chad Mclauchlan, 18.20
3rd Lachie Sandor, 11.80
4th Matthew Robertson, 10.73

State Championship: Will Cousins
Runner up: Chad Mclauchlan

Open Women Logger
Round 2
1st Bea Conroy, 19.73
2nd Emma Web,15.37
3rd Eglantine Balland, 9.90
4th Lucy Ruffy, 5.60

State Championship: Bea Conroy
Runner Up: Emma Webb

Full results via www.surfingvic.com/rankings

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